We are temporarily closed because we are moving!! 
 Our new home will be the old senior center next to the library. 
 We don't have an exact opening date yet, but check back often for news about or progress. 

The Board

The Friends has a board of elected officers. The officers are President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. There are also committees which report to the board. The three committees are: Marketing & Public Relations, Bookstore and Website.

The Bookstore Committee is chaired by the Bookstore Manager. We also have a Volunteer Coordinator who arranges and manages volunteers' time.

PresidentMichelle Hur
Vice PresidentJoanna Kmiec
SecretaryJudy Ingram
TreasurerKaren Hibbs
Marketing & PRColleen Steer
Bookstore ManagerLinda Engle
Website/TechnologyDavid Camm
Volunteer CoordinatorDee Hillanbrand
And our Parliamentarian...Skip Ingram